Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More racists for Ron Paul

Andrew Walden at American Thinker has written a fantastic article on the depth of Ron Paul's support in the neo-Nazi community. I may have to put together another post shortly addressing some of the facts Walden brings to light. For now, here are a few things that caught my attention:

  • Stormfront had/has a prominent donation link to Paul's campaign on the front page of their website. It would not be too difficult for Paul's tech team to block the link (you just send computers coming from that IP address somewhere else, or no where at all.) As of yet, Paul's campaign has not enacted this simple solution.
  • One of Paul's top Internet organizers once "coordinat[ed]...the largest neo-Nazi party in the U.S."
  • Radio personality Michael Medved, who has been researching ties between Paul and neo-Nazis, was denounced in vile, anti-semitic terms on his own website and on other websites supporting Ron Paul. Lew Rockwell (of course) attacked Medved in typically brainless fashion.
There is a lot more in the article. I really like Walden's conclusion. He says:

If Paul wants to be taken seriously, he must stop cowering behind the internet and face these questions. Until then it is only reasonable to presume that Paul is happy to wallow in well-financed obscurity accepting the support of some of the worst enemies of freedom and liberty within American society.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

[Edit: corrected a misspelling.]


P. M. Jaworski said...
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P. M. Jaworski said...

Of course, you could also do a bit of extra research and discover this, or this, or even this , or a host of other things.

But that's not the point of this blog, is it? Intellectual honesty takes a backseat to the casting of aspersions and the unveiled attempt to imply that Ron Paul is a racist, and also that those who (like me) support him are racist and/or fascist.

Before you post stupid nonsense, you should at least give an airing to the rebuttals that are easily found *everywhere*.

Terrence C. Watson said...

My response to John Derbyshire is now up on the blog.

P. M. Jaworski said...

Oops... I forgot to point out that your blog is bullshit in my prior comment. Consider this a revision on that post:

Your blog is bullshit.