Saturday, November 17, 2007

By popular demand...

I removed the battleflag of the Confederacy from my blog and replaced it with something else. Not bad, huh?

For your amusement, here is a video from a Ron Paul rally. Stay around until the end to watch the skinheads taunting one of the few black people to show up.

I guess RP attracts some pretty unsophisticated racists as well...

[Update: Check out this link to a neo-Nazi discussion board in which this video is discussed. The title of the thread is "Daryl Lamont Jenkins Gets Owned At a Ron Paul Rally."

Here's a choice quotation from the discussion:

These niggers and jews are so goddamned frightened because Ron Paul represents a loss of their power. The call him dorky and a nerd, and god forbid he opposes same sex 'marriages'. What a fucking uncool guy that he wouldn't support a colossal fallacy like same sex 'marriage' or support the murder of white children through abortion?

So, in the view of this "proud white male" Ron Paul is great because he will weaken the position of minorities in the United States. I've already described in great detail how Ron Paul's ideas (especially his attitude toward the 14th Amendment) could do exactly what "Cowboy Zeke" desires.

Oh, also, if you have the stomach for it, check out their discussion of beating the pulp out of poor Daryl:

The laws of this Nation which protect Negro scum like Jenkins, and the Jews who crafted those laws, have made this entire despicable scene possible...Jenkins had a Jew-created shield of protection around him, and he just KNEW that he wasn't going to be touched.
They seem to believe -- erroneously, I think -- that Ron Paul will weaken that "Jew-created shield." I do not think Ron Paul would make it easier for Daryl Jenkins to get beat up, but he would probably make it easier for states to discriminate against him in terms of housing, education, and so on. Laws prohibiting that kind of thing are part of the Jew-created shield as well, no doubt.]


P. M. Jaworski said...

So does the Republican and Conservative Party.

Glass houses and all that.

Your blog is bullshit.

P. M. Jaworski said...

You might post this video prominently on your blog.

Interesting that blacks, in overwhelming numbers, oppose the War on Drugs, and War in Iraq. Interesting that Ron Paul supports those planks. Interesting that Ron Paul is supported by over 40% of Republican blacks in New Hampshire. You could also point out that Ron Paul--unlike Romney, Giuliani, Thompson, McCain--attended the Tavis Smiley-hosted PBS debate focused on issues of interest to the black community. You might point out that he was the *only* GOP presidential candidate at the Arab-American political conference in Michigan.

How interesting. Too bad your blog focused on implying that Ron Paul is a racist is not interested in having an honest discussion on the topic. Too bad it's more interested in bullshit.

Which is what this blog is. Bullshit.