Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Left-Liberal Critique of Ron Paul

Check here for an extended attack on Ron Paul. Apparently, this blogger just discovered that Ron Paul is a "social conservative."

There's obviously some overlap between this attack on Ron Paul and some of my own work, but not as much as some might expect. I can't fault Ron Paul for opposing the Kyoto Protocol, for example.

But hardly any of the criticisms the linked blogger makes apply to Ron Paul exclusively. Bush rejected Kyoto as well, and many Republicans support drilling in ANWR and reject federal funding for embryonic stem cell research (which is not the same as prohibiting such research, although the author of the aforementioned post seems to miss this.)

Are there really that many left-wing liberals who support Ron Paul who don't already know these things? You'd think they'd support Dennis Kucinich instead, a candidate who is just as anti-war, but in favor of Kyoto, against drilling in ANWR, and for using government funds to turn embryos into a cure for the common cold. But make no mistake: I'm against Kucinich even more than I'm against Ron Paul.

At least if Ron Paul wins, I'll still be able to buy a gun. Or would be able to do so, anyway, if I were an American citizen. Kucinich is a fucking communist.

By the way, could these supporters of Kucinich make their "visionary Congressman" look any ghastlier? And what's he looking at, anyway? A UFO?

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