Saturday, November 17, 2007

John Derbyshire and Ron Paul

In the comments, someone points me to this post on National Review's blog in which conservative John Derbyshire derisively questions the piece in the American Thinker for casting aspersions on some of Ron Paul's supporters (i.e. the racist ones.)

Derbyshire is a very smart man. And his defense of Ron Paul is very apropos, considering he once described himself as a racist (but a "mild and tolerant one.") Ezra Klein links to another of Derby's posts on the Corner in which Derbyshire admits he's in the habit of checking the ethnic breakdown of schools in which shootings occur. He also expresses mild disappointment at the media's failure to provide the information in the case of one shooting that occurred at a majority-black school.

According to Derbyshire, the problem is that the media doesn't talk enough about how its the black kids who are shooting people.

Here's how the post ends: "Boy, that school-integration thing worked out great, didn't it? Thank goodness for Brown v. Board of Ed.!"

Yeah, if only the Supreme Court hadn't relied on an "imaginary constitution" and allowed segregation to stand. At least then the shootings would be confined to the black-only schools! I can see why Derbyshire hearts Dr. Paul now.

And no, I'm not claiming Ron Paul is a racist, but it's interesting how the really smart racists seem to flock to him, isn't it?

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P. M. Jaworski said...

"Someone"? My name is Peter Jaworski. I think you can see my name in the comments section.

Your blog is an illustration of confirmation bias at it's finest. Confirmation bias is bullshit. So is your blog.