Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ron Paul or Ritalin?

From the Daily Paul comes this post from, "ILUVRON2008", the father of a young Ron Paul supporter:

My 13 YO Son Just Turned on CNN & FLIPPED OUT! Yelling WHATS WRONG with these people! They are ruining the country for US!!

He was very upset when he turned the TV on and started watching the results. When he said US, he meant his age group, and said "I dont understand why the American people were so DUMB. Why dont they understand that Ron Paul is our only hope! They are ruining this for us when we grow up. Now we will have to move to another country!" He said as he banged his fist on the kitchen table.

I had to encourage him because I have literally never saw him so upset.
Christ, Mr. ILUVRON, your son sounds like he has an anger management problem. You should assure him that if Ron Paul loses you will move to a happier place, like Canada, where he can receive free psychiatric treatment for his condition.

Or you could stop shoving Dr. Paul down his throat all the time, Mr. ILUVRON. Because I'm sure he didn't get the idea that the failure to elect Ron Paul will mean the end of the United States from his own brain. You sound like one of the parents described here.

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