Friday, February 29, 2008

And now for something a little different..

Back on the Western Standard:

'Please listen to RP before we find a "made in china" code bar on the neck of every Americans.'

50 years in the future...

We didn't listen to his message of liberty and limited government.

We didn't build a wall to keep the brown people out.

We spit on the gold standard.

Now China and the Bildebergs own America. The forces of the one world government round up every American they can find, bringing them to the Wal-Mart, where cybernetic "greeters" implant them with chips and tattoo "Made in China" on their necks.

Everyone is the property of the government. The Supreme Court of the United States forces all the states to provide abortions free of charge to the lesbian couples whose marriages it forced the states to recognize five years before.

Oh! If only we had listened to Ron Paul! If only we had abolished the 14th Amendment and the income tax. None of this would have happened. Without the support of the government, Wal-mart would be a little mom and pop operation, and some other, more virtuous capitalist enterprise would have taken its place.

Without the 14th Amendment, state legislatures would NEVER violate the privileges and immunities of their citizens. As everyone now knows, only the federal government is capable of being irrational (which means: evil; which means: anti-life; which means: A is not A.)

But instead of listening to Ron Paul, we allowed him to lose his seat in Congress. After that, he disappeared, and no one ever saw him again, except...

40 years ago, a cadre of Ron Paul acolytes living in Silicon Valley invented the Real Freedom Train, a time machine that could send Ron Paul, and only Ron Paul, into the future. For you see, just before their execution, Lew Rockwell and Hans Herman Hoppe were able to send a message back to our time, warning us of the future to come.

And the acolytes -- these plucky "Ronulans" -- listened, using the power of rationality to construct a machine that is now the only hope of our salvation. They will send Ron Paul into the future, where his message of limited government and individual liberty will finally be welcomed.

Wal-Mart's days are numbered! The Bildebergs had better pack up their bags and run away! Once Ron Paul is in charge and taxes are abolished, all corporations will be small and nice to people, and they will never, ever import products from China.

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