Thursday, February 7, 2008

Beating a dead horse

From the Smoking Gun comes the case of Christopher Holder, 19, arrested in Florida for using the word "motherfucker."

Actually, he was charged with disorderly conduct. Or, as the sheriff's report put it (and how does the Smoking Gun get those, anyway?):

"As a result of Holder's loud profanity outraging Amy Churchill's sense of public decency and affecting the peace and quiet of Churchill and her children, Holder was taken into custody for disorderly conduct."
I don't really think people should be arrested for offending Amy Churchill's sense of public decency, whatever that means. That's because of this little thing I believe in called "freedom of speech." And, unlike Ron Paul, I don't think states should have the "right" to squelch that freedom, just to protect the delicate sensibilities of Ms. Churchill and her two moppets (ages five and fourteen, according to TSG.)

Check here to learn from Dr. Paul what the First Amendment really means:
The First amendment acts as a simple check on federal power, ensuring that the federal government has no jurisdiction or authority whatsoever over religious issues. The phony "incorporation" doctrine, dreamed up by activist judges to pervert the plain meaning of the Constitution, was used once again by a federal court to assume jurisdiction over a case that constitutionally was none of its business.
Yes, damn that pesky doctrine of incorporation! Why should federal courts have the power to ensure state governments respect the inalienable rights of their citizens?
Similarly, the mythical separation of church and state doctrine has no historical or constitutional basis.
Oops. I didn't mean to quote that part. But can you really blame me? Do all the atheists and other secularists supporting Ron Paul (the ones who are left) know he doesn't believe in the separation of church and state? I mean, neither does Mike Huckabee, but at least his supporters are aware of that fact (indeed, that's probably why they're voting for him.)

Anyway, if you think Florida should have the right to arrest its citizens for using bad words, you should support Ron Paul. If you are not an idiot or a fascist, you should support... well, yourself, maybe.

Or instead of voting, make a sandwich for a homeless person. You'll do more good that way.

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