Monday, January 14, 2008

The Mental Gymnastics of Some Ron Paul Supporters

Click here to see how some Ron Paul supporters are reacting to the racist newsletter fiasco. As the blog suggests, it's a good example of how the human mind adapts to believing in lies.

However, I don't think Ron Paul supporters have a monopoly on this kind of self-deception. Fans of just about any political candidate -- or any other celebrity, for that matter -- will scamper through mental hoops in order to maintain purity in their beliefs.

What's ironic is that Ron Paul supporters tend to believe they are so very different from the supporters of Obama, Hillary, or Huckabee. More intelligent. More patriotic. Better at interpreting the Constitution.

In fact, they're pretty much this woman I once overheard talking about how much she just loved Michael Jackson. And she just couldn't believe the lies circling about him: that he was a pedophile; that he'd paid off children and their families; that his personal life was deeply, deeply bizarre.

It didn't matter to this woman. She wouldn't even entertain the possibility. Why not? Well, she really loved his music, and how could a man who made such beautiful music possibly be a pedophile?

But it happens. Humans are corrupt. Moreover, the greatest demonstration of the corruption is the extent to which they're willing to deny it.

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