Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fascism, Canadian Style

You, the left, made this happen. You, from Marx, to Marcuse; from your corruption of the noble term "liberal", to your whole notion of "reactionary peoples", to your campus speech codes, to your hate speech laws: you are making -- have made this -- will make this happen.

Fuck you. Fuck you all. Fuck the left. Fuck you, you fascist-loving, molly-coddling, chestless, resentful, soft bigoted, over-mothering, and moreover STUPID left-wing poseurs, incapable of realizing that we -- the classical liberals, the conservatives, the whiggish traditionalists -- that we have more in common with you than the third world primitivists whose sensibilities your kangaroo "courts" claim to protect.

You know: the guys who want us all to live under Sharia law.

Fuck you. Fuck you for your love of bureaucrats. For your gleeful ignorance of economics. Fuck you for demanding that others sacrifice, while you sacrifice nothing. For your bromides about the "common good," which is almost always code for the good of a few.

Fuck you for every time you described vast parts of the United States as "flyover country." For every time you described President Bush as "Chimpy McHaliburton" and reveled in the giggles coming from your left-wing echo chambers.

Fuck you for praising democracy with one breath and then sniffling about popular culture with the next.

At least I'm consistent: I hate both.

Fuck you all. Whether Ezra Levant wins or loses, I'm going to burn a Canadian flag, and I'm going to think of you while I do it. You. The harbingers of the banality of evil. The acolytes and enablers of fascism, Canadian style.

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