Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lew Rockwell Enlightens Us About Libertarians...

Hidden in this post by Rockwell on his blog is this pithy revelation about all non-Paul-supporting libertarians, in a post entitled "The Liberal-Neocon-Cosmotarian Problem With Ron Paul":

The anti-Paulians love the state, especially the warfare state. They want perpetual war in the Middle East, and the approbation of the regime. Thus their hate of Ron Paul. Of course the hatred of these types is another medal on Ron Paul's chest.
And, yes, this is in a post where Rockwell favorably refers to Dennis Perrin's HuffPo piece "The Liberal's Ron Paul Problem."

But Rockwell explicitly extends Perrin's "diagnosis" to cover not just liberals, but "neocons and self-described cosmopolitan libertarians." Then he turns around and broadens the next to seemingly include anyone who is against Ron Paul.

So if you don't support Ron Paul, you love the state? If you oppose Ron Paul, that means you want to kill everyone in the Middle East? That's the argument now?

Hm. He might have a point. It's a well known fact that Hitler didn't support Ron Paul and he wanted to kill LOTS of people!